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      Joshua and Kathy Praising at IHCM
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      We are enjoying the power of God flowing in our  new facility. We have invaded Auburn in raw power, significant purpose and in prophetic timeline according to the sanction of the Holy Ghost. We have encountered warfare and even had to prevail in a war zone, but God's grace abundantly worked in our favor. We are growing to massive status, not just in number, but in capacity. The sons of God are growing and maturing. Dead weight is falling off nd we are capturing the essence of Jesus in light speed, breaking sound barriers, eveloping the minististry of content in the realm of faith. Miracles and the extraordinary is ours, no matter the test, we believe and we prevail. It's our destiny and it our lot! Jesus Christ is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lord and we willing submit to it. Come join us!  Our new address is:


      #Time, Precision and Protocol"Understanding the core of who I am; Instinctively"










      Partners, Look at What the Lord Has Done

      We have gain stride and are constantly climbing higher and discovering more of God's essence within us. We have a greater recognition of purpose and timing. We refuse to operate on impulses, and yield to urges, but are consumed by our God given purpose. Forward motion dictates our habits and the kingdom of God is our focus.

      This year is a witness of the greatness of Jesus  Christ within us, around us and through us. As we are reaching the year's close,  look  at what the Lord has done.  Many mighty and wonderful doors were and are opened to us. We are seeing the beauty of the world, carrying the gospel, seeing the demonstration of miracles and deliverance in the body of Christ. Powerful and productive business duplicating in tremendous success, saints maturing and being filled with the Glory of God! Oh, look and see what the Lord has done and continuing to do!

      Challenges, struggles and trials has proven the Lord's faithfulness within us and our commitment to Him. His unfailing love has proven substantial, as we walked by faith and took considerable risks in obedience and it was well worth it. undiscribably worth it! We look forward in 2015. The best is yet to come. Partners, thank  you for holding up our arms in prayer and sacrificial fasting, giving, the many eamils, calls, letters and support. Thank you for obeying every unction towards us. We value and appreciate the deposit of your time and your life.

      As we proceed forward under divine command and see Jesus glorify the Father through us, we are increasing in momentum and empowerment. So, hold up your head, fill up your heart with the word, transfoorm your mind, curtail your speech and speak forth those things that produce life and success. Let's understand our moment. Don't back up! Do not be afraid for you are in full discovery.  Keep giving, keep building and keep developing. This manifestation of your greatness has already begun and you will not be stopped!  You are powerfully and effectively doing more than existing, you are mastering! 

       ~Apostle Helen Saddler~


      For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not evil, to bring you to an expected end!   (Jeremiah 29:11)


    • Year of Reviving Prayer Mightily


      PROPHESY 2015 

      2015 will be a year of strength and great courage. It will be a year of harvesting of souls.  It will be a year of the immeasurable, unlimited and exceeding greatness of God and increase in ministries and business. The changing of the guards will operate with great prevalence, as new energy comes to the platform, ready for change, filled with Godly wisdom, strategy and innovation, tenacity, tremendous boldness and depth of courage.

      It will be a year of the youths emerging from frustration, demanding and instituting change. Ancient and Godly wisdom will be demonstrated through them. Youthful ministries will bear the weight of established ministries and will have to walk in responsibilities that usually grace more advanced and structurally mature ministries. But failure to maintain the given path will be very costly for many giants and generals of the faith.

      Greed, lust, promiscuity, celebrity mindsets and spiritual illegal distractions that have invaded the heart porters of these giants will be and has been very devastating and intervention must occur to sustain uprising Godly ministries and create paths of stability, respect, protocol ethics.  The young eagles are raised now to fly, must take the lead, because failed batons, broken and crumbled could not be passed to the next generation.  

      So, like Saul was from the tribe Benjamin, but God choses David, who was from the tribe of Judah as a successor, because of Saul’s consistent resistance to God’s order. God will literally over change inheritance of lineage to get the will of God completed in the earth.

      Prayer will invade this concourse with tremendous vigor, effectiveness and power. Miracle after miracle will unveil, until the enemy will use Hollywood to try to restructure the minds into fear and unbelief, but it will not work.  The church will flex in the might of God and operate in great ranges and faith ranks.

      Youthful energy, youthful passion, young in experience, but demanding change and truth will overwhelm many ministries, as they flood through the gates, hungry for Jesus, truth and real triumph, desperate for answers and demanding relief.  Unorthodox ministries will spring up and effectively harvest in many overlooked, neglected, violent and forgotten zones. They are thorough and fearless.

      Great authority will clothe them as a mantle and they will be diligent, focused and unswerving in their faith, fearless in their endeavors and tireless in their cause. Many churches will be forced to examine many ineffective and traditional ways, which no longer work or produce progress. Laws, cities and governments will be impacted by this young energy. Although young, many will display battle scars that are worn by the aged. Prayerfulness will envelop them, as these battle scars will attest to the seriousness of their training from dedicated mentors and hard driven paths.

      The fragrance of heaven can be smelled upon them as they penetrate global radiuses through earned time fervent prayer. They will be saturates in prayer fires, prayer frequencies, prayer zones and currents. They will be cutting edge accurate and have ears fine tune to the voice of God. Their presence will cause atmosphere to bend its knees and darkness to flee.

      They will eliminate realms of prayer revelation that will baffle the minds of many. They will be a formable for in the market place, operate in deluge of wisdom and favor. They are time masters, organized and vigilant. Great finance will come into the port of many ministries, that otherwise would not, because of prayer innovation.

      They will wreak havoc upon the kingdom of darkness and harvest will burst at the seams. Many churches that missed their connective ports of success because of distractions, greed, various compromise and self-indulgence, will experience true conviction and repent. Their turning will prevent destruction to their house and lives will be restored and many will regain the cutting edge.

      They will regain momentum and be stimulated to even greater success. They will gain greater muscle mass for the kingdom and harvest souls to a healthy finish. This will usher in strong, polished, mature and righteous Kingdom captivators that will settle the body once again. Order will be established as the Apostolic and prophetic gavel hit the realm. Timelines will realigned, focus re-geared, mantles re-activated and balance settled.  Great return of genuine gifts, miracles and wonders to the body of Christ.

      America will undergo great testing and challenges and will in many ways take on the smell of a third world nation, but the church on her knees will prevent the country from capsizing.  Although great persecution will come to the church, great power and momentum will be her edge. She will rise up from obscurity and being bent over and she will stand upright with the word of God pour from her lips.

      She will be a lifeline where doctors failed, lawyers swayed and an economy breaks, she will be recognized Emmanuel, for God demonstrate mightily on her behalf. Running head long in the will of God, but unaware of present danger. Their youth and innocence prevents the information not ascertain in their skill level. The giants will emerge! They are known, recognized and proven in their ministries, their businesses and lives.

      Laws that have registered on the books for years will be overturned. Many states will gain over abortion rights, same sex rights and civil rights will war against displays of segregation launches as past victories present itself as present defeats. Economic classic will extends from previous deteriorated gaps and divided the economic ranks. Many initiatives that assist minorities will disintegrate and create hardship on a broader scale. The church will become a beacon and she will be seen as help once again and help she will be.

      The church no longer walk with bended knees and held down head, but 2015, she will arise greater, louder, stronger, more intense, global in her insight, fierce in her maneuvering, focused in her directive, she is the church of the lord Jesus Christ and she is alive and very well! 

    • For Radio Stations and Internet Venues


      Connecting to moments that will change your life forever!  Our venues!  Check us out!  We are there for you!


      Visit Us on Radio Stations and Internet VenuesThis is the year of Increase and Open Heaven. It’s the year of possibility and Supply. In the midst of your struggles, God wants to provide a miracle for you. Be persuaded and fully convince that 2014 is your year and God will fight for you. All of heaven will back you up!. Rejoice O' Zion, praise Zion, for the Lord your God is a stronghold for you in the day of trouble!!

      I personally want to thank you for the many emails, letters, and the many visitors, even new members that has come as a result of radio and internet. May the Lord Jesus continue to bless and use you beyond your wildest dreams and imagination! Continue to write me on the church website or email or facebook me. I want to hear from you!

      Thank you for your continual support. It's because of friends like you that we can do the great things we do in helping others. You can also write us and call us:


      1529 W MEEKER SUITE 106

       KENT, WA 98032

       (253) 859-6987


      Please tune in to AM 1560, 1420, or 1620 (depending on your location) or log on the internet at KZIZ gospel 1560 AM from 8:00 am to 8:30 am.

       Join us on the Internet service, 5 days a week, click on PTWWN.TV then click on Demand Video, scroll until you see Eagles in the Heights (into His Chambers Ministries, Int’l) Apostle Helen Saddler and enjoy. 

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      We are pleased to announce that you can connect with us on Facebook for more updates! 

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