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      Pastor Ali


      Pastor Godswill Alao, Senior Pastor

      Into His Chambers Global Int'l Ministries of Nigeria














      Partners, Look at What the Lord Has Done

      We have gain stride and are constantly climbing higher and discovering more of God's essence within us. We have a greater recognition of purpose and timing. We refuse to operate on impulses, and yield to urges, but are consumed by our God given purpose. Forward motion dictates our habits and the kingdom of God is our focus.

      This year is a witness of the greatness of Jesus  Christ within us, around us and through us. As we are reaching the year's close,  look  at what the Lord has done.  Many mighty and wonderful doors were and are opened to us. We are seeing the beauty of the world, carrying the gospel, seeing the demonstration of miracles and deliverance in the body of Christ. Powerful and productive business duplicating in tremendous success, saints maturing and being filled with the Glory of God! Oh, look and see what the Lord has done and continuing to do!

      Challenges, struggles and trials has proven the Lord's faithfulness within us and our commitment to Him. His unfailing love has proven substantial, as we walked by faith and took considerable risks in obedience and it was well worth it. undiscribably worth it! We look forward in 2015. The best is yet to come. Partners, thank  you for holding up our arms in prayer and sacrificial fasting, giving, the many eamils, calls, letters and support. Thank you for obeying every unction towards us. We value and appreciate the deposit of your time and your life.

      As we proceed forward under divine command and see Jesus glorify the Father through us, we are increasing in momentum and empowerment. So, hold up your head, fill up your heart with the word, transfoorm your mind, curtail your speech and speak forth those things that produce life and success. Let's understand our moment. Don't back up! Do not be afraid for you are in full discovery.  Keep giving, keep building and keep developing. This manifestation of your greatness has already begun and you will not be stopped!  You are powerfully and effectively doing more than existing, you are mastering! 

       ~Apostle Helen Saddler~


      For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not evil, to bring you to an expected end!   (Jeremiah 29:11)




      2016 PROPHESY

      This will be a year of the nations. Covenants will be broken, open betrayal and risky insurrections within nations. Many nations will fold upon itself because of power struggles.  It will seem like an Old Testament Kings and Chronicles era.  Times will become even more dangerous, as citizens take matters into their own hands because of fear and insecurity.  Racial tension will be at an all time high because foreign intrusion, invasion and local catastrophe.

      The church will be compelled to realign. Altars in the church will flood and saturate with travailing prayer. Standards that has been lowered, will arise to an all time high again. Families will began to pull together. Churches refusing to Kingdom align, will experience tremendous difficulty and many extinction. Altars will be purged and purified from the foundation. Because of private travail, there will be public manifestations of God's hand, power, presence and approval. Great wisdom and opportunities will come to the church.  Super abounding prosperity for the spreading of the gospel will be a gateway for the church, even greater than before. 

      Media expansion and unexpected exposure of the church, will arise to the glory and honor of God. Supernatural protection will be the clarion sentiment of God throughout the the world. Souls, souls, souls will come into the kingdom with great thrust and urgency. Supernatural growth will occupy in many hidden ministries and brought to the forefront because of their sensitivity and obedience.  Unknown and recognized names will become renown. The world will cry desperately for help and will scramble in any direction for it.  More demonic manifestation will occur. Cannibalism unheard in America will occur. 

      Deliverance in ministries will be at all time high and those who refuse to enter the deliverance arena, will exist will great difficulty and fear.  Boldness will be catapulted in the church with fierce uncompromising stamina. The right wing will refuse to be hidden and will resound their voice.  Persecution will become even more prevalent, but it will ignite strength within the church. Supernatural agriculture will occur in/ on the land of many righteous farmers and supernatural growth in spite of fierce and treacherous weather. Farm success among these believer cannot be natural explained and with leave agriculturalist in amazement and great wonder. 

      These unexplainable events will be credit to the church and their belief in Jesus Christ. Israel will will become  more militant and aggressive in salvaging their territory, as they find themselves even in greater hostility by surrounding nations, but God's defense will be recognized and the enemies restrained. China will be more aggressive and bold, even against United States and Korea. South Korea will be recognized by confirmed defense systems and will experience even a greater and more tremendous strained in their relationship with America, even more than before.  

      Many nations that were afraid to challenge America will become very audacious in their bullying.  The church, through all of this, will be a recognized force as prayer produces power with great strength and great wisdom. They will serve as muscle backing on the behalf of this country. Even more Government programs with be threaten, as low income and impoverish families suffer for the lack of funding. Police regime will intensely undergo necessary and radical change in order to keep the collective and reserve the life men and women on the force. A great divide will occur within the ranks! 

      Prayer invasion will be even greater. Intercessors will have a global formation by the thousands and will have a global impact! Notable miracles and angelic visitation will be noted and undeniable.  The glory of God will rest upon His people and sanctuary in a greater way! This will be the year of great harvest and magnanimous harvest ministration. It's the year of unity for many and devision for some. Desperation will bring great harvest of souls, souls and more souls. Many celebrities will find themselves at the altar and many will be truly born again and with great consequence. Harvest, Harvest and Harvest  manifestation is the clarion call for 2016



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      I personally want to thank you for the many emails, letters, and the many visitors, even new members that has come as a result of radio and internet. May the Lord Jesus continue to bless and use you beyond your wildest dreams and imagination! Continue to write me on the church website or email , facebook or periscope us.  We want to hear from you!

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      You are always welcome at our house, where you are guranateed that the presence of Jesus will meet you there. Come on and join us! We welcome you with open arms, open hearts and  the love of Christ!


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